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Beach Weddings in Exuma

Published on February 26, 2018 by

We have a thriving industry here in Exuma for beach weddings. If the idea of declaring your undying love on a warm sunny beach, of sharing that special moment on  soft sand  with the warm ocean water caressing your toes, then Exuma should be in your wedding plans.

We have so many locations to choose from. It could be on a secluded beach, it could be on an internationally renown golf course with the ocean in the background,  it could be on a dive boat, prior to dive on a blue hole, it could be during a jet ski trip. The options are endless.

We have professional photographers on island waiting for you call.  As are some professional wedding planners.  So it could be a large family celebration, or a quiet very meaningful day just for the bride and groom.  You can use the services of a priest or the island commission can officiate.

We at Harbour View have been known to organize the whole affair for couples staying with us. Just another service to help make your vacation one to remember for a lifetime. For some more on weddings in Exuma I invite you to check out a page on our website

Meet The Author
My wife and I have lived on the beautiful tropical island of Great Exuma for 17 years. For the last six years we have rented out the entire upper level of our two story home and we have received over 130 five star reviews. Let us share our knowledge of this beautiful island with you
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