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Artisanal charcuterie Hallegård, Bornholm

Published on November 4, 2015 by alan egan

- is a darling of Danish locavores, and many of Copenhagen’s top chefs procure their meats from this bucolic farmhouse, hidden away down a country lane 8km southwest of Svaneke. In all, Hallegård produces around 30 types of charcuterie, some of which are smoked in traditional brick ovens.

In the case of its cold smoked ham (a Bornholm ‘prosciutto’ of sorts), the smoking takes four to six months, with the hams stored in former WWII bunkers located nearby.
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Hemmeligheden bag en god spegepølse, spegeskinke eller røget bacon er simpel: Himmelske råvarer, ingen tilsætningsstoffer og tid til at modne. Det samme princip gælder i vores gårdbutik, i vores bryggeri og når vi serverer tapas. Alt godt kommer til den, der venter. Bliv ikke irriteret på dem foran dig i køen, der ønsker at smage på hele arsenalet af spegepølser. Det er mest sandsynlig Jørgens fejl. Han kan godt lide at tale. Også med dig, når det bliver din tur.

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Meet The Author
Hello, I’m Alan and my wife, Lisbeth, and I own Vestervang, a small farm in the Middle of Bornholm – The small Danish island south of Sweden.

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