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Arromanches-les-bains and the role it played in D-Day

Published on October 3, 2015 by Chris Robinson

Arromanches-les-bains played an important role in the Normandy landings of June 1944, as it was here that an artificial port was installed. Troops deliberately did not land at Arromanches so that the beach could remain clear for the harbour to be built. Immediately after D-Day, the Allies established the harbour to allow the unloading of heavy equipment, supplies and troops. This avoided waiting for deep water ports such as Le Havre and Cherbourg to be conquered. The British built huge floating concrete caissons that were towed from England. Once at Arromanches, the caissons were assembled to form walls and piers forming and defining the artificial port called the Mulberry harbour. The pontoons were linked to the land by floating roadways. Sections of the Mulberry harbour still remain today together with a wonderful beach and cliff walks. Also at Arromanches are the D-D Museum (Musée du Débarquement), Arromanches 360 (a circular cinema), and poignant memorials to the British engineers who played such a critical role in the preparations for D-Day.

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