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Almindingen deep in the forest of Bornholm

Published on February 5, 2015 by alan egan

Almindingen is the 5th largest forest in Denmark. Here you can enjoy a horse carriage tour around the beautiful woods. You can of course also enjoy the forest sceneries on you bicycle trip around Bornholm. You will find the European bison, or Wisent, that were released on the island in 2012 and have now become a real visitor attractions. During the summer of 2014 the island’s new bison reserve has had close to 80 000 visitors. When the first seven bison were taken to their 200 hectare release area here in 2012, they were the first of their species on Danish soil for over 1.000 years. In Bornholm, they have since reproduced well and the herd now consists of 13 animals. So go to Almindingen deep in the forest of Bornholm and see if you can find them. When the bison have been here for five years, the project will be evaluated and the bison possibly released in full freedom into the Bornholm landscape.


Also in Almindingen  you find the highest point on the island at a fabulous 162 m above sea level. At the summit, you’ll find a tower built in 1856 to commemorate the visit of the king Frederik VII. When then surrounding forest grew too tall and took the view, the tower was extended with a makeshift scaffold making the tallest point of Bornholm 184 m above sea lever. You should also take the chance to check out the nearby castle ruin of Gammelborg and the Echo Valley.


Søer i almindingen




Meet The Author
Hello, I’m Alan and my wife, Lisbeth, and I own Vestervang, a small farm in the Middle of Bornholm – The small Danish island south of Sweden.
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