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After A Long Trip, A Special Welcome

Published on June 3, 2019 by Merrill Lunt

When I plan my family's vacation time, I always get a thrill thinking about all the wonderful places we will go and the amazing things we will see. I spend hours coming up with the perfect itinerary, and the perfect tours, and making sure all the travel details are perfectly coordinated.

Let's face it, vacation time is precious, it allows us the opportunity to relax, chillout, explore or just be. It gives us the chance to reconnect as a family and enjoy each other.

I try to anticipate every detail - I'm a planner - and I want to make sure I plan just the right amount of everything - tours, activities, chilling out, eating in, eating out. My husband, Steve, is not a planner, he has the "laid back take it as it comes" gene; the ying to my yang. So, if a curve-ball gets the best of my plan, and there are always a curve-balls, he is the one to take the controls and save the day.

Today, Lily,  our on-site property manager, sent us this beautiful picture of the most recent guest welcome at Villa Lunt. It occured to me, for all the planning I do for my family's vacations, I never consider the arrival welcome. Unfortunately, I tend to arrive tired, hungry and grumpy; and it's always Steve to the rescue finding the closest cafe to fuel up.

We've been hosting guests at Villa Lunt for over 8 years.  And being the planner I am, I will work with you on any detail you would like prior to your arrival. Suggestions for things to do, places to go, restaurants to check out, best supermarkets - you name it - we will try to find it.

Planning YOUR arrival at the villa is always one of my top priorities. Are you celebrating something? Is it a family gathering? A group of friends? Do you want to get to the villa and chill, or drop your bags and go?  Your arrival is important to us because it is the start of what should be a perfect vacation. Our goal is to make your arrival the perfect beginning to a perfect vacation.

Now, if I can only remember this when I plan my next family vacation - one less curveball for Steve.



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