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A Romantic Evening on Bornholm

The Sunshine Isle, being one of the most beautiful places in Denmark, is ideal for you and your partner to get away from it all. Here is my top idea for an evening getaway, forgetting the pressures of daily life, children, work and with your worries blown away (it can be quite windy here!).


This historic seaside fishing village situated on the north-east coast is our favourite destination all year round.

It is Denmark's only town upon a hill, but you don't need to be fit - Denmark's highest point is only 170m above sea level.

The small harbour is stunning, and a good point to start - or end - your evening. You can walk along the main 'drag' Ejnar Mikkelsensvej to soak in the breathtaking views, or dive in to our favourite wine-bar (and restaurant), Provianten.

It is small and cosy - a wonderful reminder that the Danish have Hygge hard-baked into their culture.

On Wednesdays throughout the year they put the tables together with benches and you can enjoy whatever they have cooked in a social, friendly atmosphere.

It is the wine however that they are most famous for. All organic (or "live" as they call it "without all the monkey business"), the wine is shipped direct from France, and by shipped they mean it - literally. A sailboat makes the arduous journey once a year to their door.

With hosts that greet you like a long-lost friend, you will surely have a lovely, romantic evening and plan to return again.




















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