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A Garden In Coutances With A Difference

The public garden in Coutances is just that little bit different. It's one of Normandy's oldest public gardens having been created in 1855. It's also a mix of French and English styles. What really sets it apart from other gardens is the mosaiculture style used in the planting. This horticultural art creates topiary-like structures using bedding plants on wire frames.

Coutances garden


The theme changes a few times each year and new works of art are created. The current theme is French expressions.

Coutances garden

There are two panels showing the French expressions represented in the garden in Coutances.

Garden in Coutances

There are a couple of expressions relating to fruit. The middle one in the photo above shows a pear being cut in half. The French expression is 'couper la poire en deux'. The English translation is to split the difference.


'Avoir la banane' means to be smiling.

Coutances garden


The centrepiece is a peacock. This represent the phrase as proud as a peacock.

Garden in Coutances


My personal favourite is the expression 'while the cat's away, the mice will play'. Although in French they dance.

Garden in Coutances

So, for some great fun improving your French do pay a visit to the garden in Coutances. During July and August it's open until 11pm at night and is lit up so you can enjoy the floral displays.

Jardin des plantes Coutances Jardin des plantes Coutances

The garden is right in the centre of town not far from the cathedral. This is the view from the main gate.


Written by Chris Robinson



















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