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Of Towers and Castles - The De Redin Towers

The island of Malta has needed plenty of protection from invaders throughout the decades so forts, towers and castles have been part and parcel of the landscape. In this series, I hope to introduce you to some of them. Do visit.

The Madliena Tower Malta
The Madliena Tower

The De Redin Towers

Grand Master Martin de Redin's reign (1657 – 1660) comes after that of Paul Lascaris Castellar. He added 14 watch towers to the collection of towers built to improve Malta's defence.

Like the ones before them, their main aim was to sound the alarm should they spot the enemy approaching by sea. The alarm signal could be communicated from one to the other so that all the islanders would be prepared.

The De Redin towers were designed to be structurally stronger than their predecessors. Their barrel vault roofs were now robust enough to carry cannons. The wooden beam roofs before them on the other hand were incapable of supporting any heavy pieces of artillery. This gave the De Redin towers an advantage militarily.

Below are some of the towers built during de Redin's reign:

The Madliena Tower Malta
The Madliena Tower at sunset

The Madliena Tower:

This along with the St Lucian tower in Marsaxlokk (not one of the 14) were an essential part of the island's defence in the 1600s. It was constantly garrisoned with 40 and 30 men, supplied with enough ammunition and food to withstand a siege of 40 days and 400 extra muskets with bayonets in case of need. It was originally known as Torre della Paulina and was completed in 1658. The British built an artillery battery next to the tower in 1908–1909 which no longer exists.

How to get there: Well, short of taking your bicycle out, there's always going to be some walk with this one. Just follow the Google route.


The Wardija Tower Malta
Torre della Guardia di Giorno

The Wardija Tower:

Originally known as Torre della Guardia di Giorno (day watch tower) or Bubaqra Tower this one was the 13th of the De Redin towers built on the island. It's on of the smaller ones in scale and was originally armed with two cannons and two mortars.

How to get there: Follow the Google route.


Għallis tower Malta
Għallis tower - photo by instagrammer nicholasharpe

The Għallis Tower:

Built between 1658 and 1659, this was a one bombardier, three gunner operation. It would have been equipped with a three pounder iron cannon. Recently restored by Din l-Art Helwa, it stands just east of Għallis Point. Together with Qawra Tower (a Lascaris tower), it looks over Salina Bay.

How to get there: Follow the Google route.


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