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10 best things to do in Florida

10 Things to Do in Florida

Published on July 7, 2018 by Tif Martin

Ah, Florida, it is located in the southeastern part of the US. It is one of the largest states, and it is home to a hotpot of cultures and traditions. Aside from an abundance of warm sunshine, which earned Florida its moniker, Sunshine State, Florida also takes pride in its art galleries, museums, and historical spots a plenty.

Florida is also the state brimming with zoos, aquariums, family attractions, and theme parks, with—of course—Disney World being the most popular.

However, Disney World is not the only reason why Florida is one of the happiest places on Earth; here are 10 more reasons why you’ll love to bask under the glorious rays of the Sunshine State:

1. Get Wet and Wild at the Everglades National Park


If dabbling in a pond of goldfish and koi is a little too unexciting for your liking, then Everglades National Park should tickle your fancy. In the westernmost part of Miami, this park is an untouched beauty of nature filled with wetlands, mangroves, and *GASP* alligators. Yes, this huge swamp is a natural habitat to a plethora of huge gators and snakes.

No worries, though, there are several ways to enjoy this park without having to go face-to-face with an alligator twice your size: you could go on a walking or biking tour, an airboat ride or just drive through the park and stopping at various points to enjoy and observe wildlife, safe from harm.

2. Golf Courses Galore!

With all the golf courses in the state, it could be inarguably said that Florida is the epicentre of golf in the United States. At Walt Disney World, you could find four huge courses, plus a nine-hole family/walking course as a bonus.

Aside from the relaxing shade of green of the spectacular golf courses, you could expect no less than world-class customer service and impeccable equipment to make your game even more fulfilling and pleasurable.

3. Kennedy Space Center

I’m pretty sure that at one point in our childhood life, we have all dreamt of being an astronaut. The Kennedy Space Center in the Sunshine State gives you the chance to be up close and personal with the NASA Launch Headquarters that created history.
Here you could see visit launch areas, meet real-life astronauts, see rockets, experience flight simulations, and see actual launches.
This center also features interactive, educational, and exciting “Mission Zones” with attractions arranged in chronological order—from the time the Kennedy Space Center was established up to the current and ongoing space projects.

4. See Madame Tussauds Amazing Wax Figures

Seriously, who has not heard of Madame Tussauds? This world-famous museum is well-known for life-size and hyper-realistic wax figures. Get your Instagram story ready because you will definitely enjoy posing with pop culture icons such as Kung-fu Panda, Michael Jackson, Scarlett Johanssen, Pitbull, and Jimmy Fallon.

Some theme parks and attractions are a bummer since they forbid taking pictures, but at this museum, you could snap and shoot pictures at your heart’s content! Likewise, other theme parks have time limits, since they are guided tours, but this is a self-guided tour, so take your time taking Snapchat selfies with your favorite stars.

5. Butterfly World

This 3-acre attraction is home to thousands and thousands of LIVE butterflies. Butterfly World is the first of its kind in the United States and the biggest butterfly aviary in the world. The butterfly aviary has had hundreds of thousands of visitors already, since its opening a few years ago.

In the park’s three aviaries: the North American Aviary, the Tropical Rain Forest, and the Basket Walk, guests could see and marvel at around 80 species of butterflies from all over the world in their recreated native habitats. Visitors could also take a peek at the facility’s butterfly farm, museum, insectarium, and gardens.

What’s even more fascinating than the butterflies themselves is how this huge of an attraction started. Ronald Boender, the owner, has developed his fancy of butterflies out of boredom; and somehow his simple hobby has gone overboard and turned out to be one of Florida’s most beloved theme attractions.

6. Drive-in Movie Theaters

Whether you’re looking to relive a nostalgic experience or want a relaxing night underneath a blanket of stars while watching a good movie with friends or family, then a drive-in theater would be ideal for you. Fortunately, Florida still has a lot of drive-in movie houses still in operation. The rates here are also a delight, especially if you are travelling on a budget. The large open movie houses here feature films and stellar entertainment for only under 5 dollars per vehicle. Sounds like a good deal, am I right?

Florida has a pretty consistent weather, so their drive-ins are open all-year round. Feel free to pick a date that is best for you.

7. Visit Ernest Hemingway’s House

If you’ve grown to love The Old Man and the Sea in your English literature classes, then this would probably the first on your Florida trip itinerary. This brilliant writer and poet lived and wrote for more than a decade in his home in the heart of Old Town Key West in Southern Florida.

His house is now a museum that chronicles raunchy stories of his adultery, binge drinking, and blunt prose—aside from his exceptional writing, of course.

8. Miami Children’s Museum

Miami—without a doubt—has a string of activities to keep adults entertained, but your children probably won’t enjoy busting a groove on the dance floor as much as you do. Hence, take them to this museum instead. This nonprofit educational museum has a lot in store for children of all ages. This attraction features instructive exhibits like Dino Island and the Castle of Dreams. The exhibits and attractions of this museum sound cool, but more importantly, your kids will definitely learn a lot.

This museum is also geared to cater to the needs of the children in a multicultural community and encourages visitors to learn and imagine while having fun.

9. Enjoy Classical Music at the Sarasota Opera House

Cap off a thrilling day of nature tripping and museum hopping by treating your ears and soul to a night of classical music at the Sarasota Opera House. This remarkable opera house, built in a historic theatre, is famous for attracting world-class opera talent.
The insides of the building have been restored, but the façade is still untouched, so entering the rustic building makes you feel like going inside a Victorian castle.

10. Wynwood Wall

After a night of classical music, treat yourself to an art eyegasm at the Wynwood Wall. The murals of this wall in Miami showcase a visual artistry like no other. Over 50 remarkable graffiti artists expressed their creativity on an otherwise mundane and boring wall. They started in 2009, and the murals have been a huge success since.


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