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Vacation Soup's 10 Best Travel Apps for 2018 

10 Best Travel Apps For 2018 

Here are our picks for the 10 Best Travel apps for 2018 

Technology has never made it easier to travel. With your smartphone you can solve a lot of problems or make your travel less of a hassle, all thanks to some amazing apps.  

Wifi Map

This app is the best way to avoid roaming fees when you’re abroad. Whether it is to post a photo on your social media, check your emails or make a booking for your next accommodation, we sometimes really need wifi during our travels. Since international data plans are quite expensive, public hotspots with free access is the way to go. This app shows all locations nearby that offer free wifi, along with the passwords. The app is for free, but you can also buy the premium version for 4.99$, giving you access to more hotspots in remote areas.



We all know the problem of navigating in a city you’re not familiar with. Your research online mentioned taking bus 45 to location X, but how do you know when you’ve reached that location? This is when Moovit comes in. This local transit app offers constant updates so you don’t waste time turning into the wrong street or waiting for a bus that will never show up. Also, unlike wiht Google maps, you don’t have to check your Phone all the time, since Moovit will tell you when to get off. At this moment, Moovit already offers its services in 1500 cities and counting.


It’s so easy to forget to pack something or you didn’t realize you would need it until… well you need it. This intelligent list builder tells you everything you need based on your trip. Just enter the duration of your trip, your destination, what’s the weather forecast and what type of activities you have planned and PackPoint will give you a full list on what to pack. It’s so easy that the app might as well pack your bags for you.



For some travels, you have started planning months in advance. With pre-made bookings like flight tickets, hotel bookings and activities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The app TripIt is designed to create a master itinerary based on your bookings. Forward all your confirmation emails to, and the app will consolidate all your reservations into one detailed, easy-to-follow itinerary. This way, all your travel plans are in one place. It’s a guarantee you will never miss a flight or reservation again.

Traveling on a budget? Then your first challenge is to find flight tickets at the cheapest rate possible. Not an easy task! Is it best to book three months in advance? Which site to use? And do you have to use a different computer for it to avoid the cookies? Hopper analyzes billions of flights, making you don’t have to compare different sites to check where you can find the cheapest tickets. There is no need for guesswork either on the timing of purchasing, since Hopper will tell you exactly what to do instead of alerting a price change.



What's Whatsapp doing in our best travel apps for 2018 list we here you say. Whatsapp is an app that most people may be familiar with, but offers great value for travelers as well. Since all you need is a wifi connection, Whatsapp is the best way to keep in touch with the homefront, make video calls or send photos. By using Whatsapp you avoid high rates for calling or texting to your home country. Since you can send photos as well, it’s a better option than Skype.


If you have been traveling with friends in the past, it’s a problem that must have occurred. Friend number one has paid for the first accommodation, while friend number two has paid for the restaurant. After several days of traveling, keeping track of who has paid what can get quite messy. Afterwards there is the difficult calculation of how much everyone has to pay back. The app Splittr does all the calculations for you. Enter your expenses as you go, including who paid what and the app will do the rest. A great extra is that all currencies are supported and you can mix currencies.


10 Best Travel apps for 2018 

Going vegan or vegetarian is the new trend nowadays. A lot of people choose not to eat meat anymore, but when you’re traveling this might be hard. Finding a restaurant where they serve vegetarian or vegan dishes isn’t always easy. HappyCow has listed vegan as well as vegetarian restaurants in more than 10,000 cities worldwide including metropoles like London and New York. Each restaurant that is listed comes with a short description of the menu and some revenues. The app can be purchased for 3.99$.


This is one of the best apps to get if you’re planning an around-the-world trip or a backpacking travel. Rome2Rio shows all the information on routes in more than 150 destinations. Enter your location and destination, and you will get an overview of which types of transport to use, duration of travel and the cost. A great extra is that with this information, links are provided to websites where you can book your flight, bus or train ticket.


Maybe not the typical travel app, but since traveling may come along with long waiting times at airports, train stations, Netflix is an app you can’t miss. Netflix has added the ability to download all your favorite movies and series to your mobile device for offline viewing. This way, you can end your day watching your favorite serie or avoid boredom watching a movie while waiting for your next flight. Just make sure you’ve downloaded your series at home to avoid expensive data roaming charges.

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We hope you liked our 10 Best Travel apps for 2018  - What are your favourite apps? We would love to know.

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