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10 Best Hiking Holiday Destinations In The World​

10 Best Hiking Holiday Destinations In The World

The only thing that divides you from some of the best landscapes in the world or one of the most breathtaking, Instagram-worthy view points is a pair of decent hiking boots and the urge to wander the world, into nature.

From crossing the most dangerous cliffs along the Hawaiian coastline to the most rugged peaks of the Himalaya. Here are the ten best hiking holiday destinations in the world

The Swiss Alps

With thousands of kilometres of hiking trails, the Swiss Alps is one of the best hiking destinations in the world.

The Tour de Mont Blanc is a 10 day-hike around the Mont Blanc massif, crossing France, Italy and Switzerland, while the Swiss also have similar circuits around the Monte Rosa Massif and the iconic Matterhorn.

Along the way you get panoramic views on some of the most beautiful snow-capped mountains in the world

More Swiss Alps Hiking Videos

Equipment List

Spectacular Scenery


It won’t surprise you if we say that Sweden is one best hiking holidays. The country is basically covered with green lush forests, lakes and has nearly 400 hiking trails covering thousands of kilometers.

The most famous one being the Kungsleden trail leading from Abisko to Hemavan and taking hikers along wild mountaineous landscapes, foaming rivers and high plateaus.

Other popular hikes include the Skaneleden, Bohusleden and Vasalopp Trail. Oh, and did we already mentioned the Allemannsrätten, the right to camp wherever you want?

Utah, United States

Arches National Park, the Canyonlands, Zion NP, …
Do we need to continue?

While the United States has several national parks, there is little doubt Utah has some of the most impressive ones. All of them have several hiking trails making for a good day hike to a multi-day hiking adventure in the wilderness.

For those who are really ambitious, there is the Hayduke trail, a 1300 kilometre journey connecting all of Utah’s national parks with the Grand Canyon. Be aware that the trail is not designated and you will be hiking in desert backcountry areas!

include the Skaneleden, Bohusleden and Vasalopp Trail. Oh, and did we already mentioned the Allemannsrätten, the right to camp wherever you want?

Patagonia, Chile/ Argentina

Hiking in Patagonia is similar to beautiful hikes along glaciers and mountains.

Most hikers travel via the Argentinian village El Calafate to see the Perito Morena glacier and continue their journey to the mountains, where multi-day hikes are simply a must.

The Torres del Paine Circuit is considered as one of the most scenic hikes in the world. This off course has led to huge crowds in the last few years.

The Fitz Roy trek is a great alternative if you want to have a more solitude experience in this region.


If we’re talking about mountains, we can’t go around Nepal (seriously, with mountains this huge it would take months!).

Nepal is often described as the roof of the world, mainly because it boasts eight of the world highest peaks reaching above 8000 meter, including Lhotse, Annapurna and Mount Everest.

However these peaks aren't only the playground for experienced mountaineers. Hikers can set their mind on circumnavigating these enormous peaks or reaching base camp of some well-known peak.

Everest Basecamp trail is without doubt the most famous one, and is often regarded as the most beautiful hike in the world.

British Columbia, Canada

They recently completed their plan to create the Trans Canada Trail, about 24000 kilometres and crossing thirteen provinces and territories.

All aiming at hikers and bikers who wish to start on a life-changing journey. Or complete a small part of it.

The Great Trail as they refer it to is the longest recreational trail in the world and connects a variety of landscapes. You will be hiking urban, rural and wilderness areas which gives Canada rightfully its place in this list.

Still, we consider British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains as the ultimate natural environment to hike in. Lace those boots!.


Jordan is mostly known amongst travellers for Petra, the archeological site and Wadi Rum.

And yes, you can take the bus towards this site or you can hike your way to it starting in Dana and enter Petra through the backdoor.

The hike will take you through canyons, desert and along incredible rock formations, only to be rewarded by one of the world wonders. Still, Jordan is continuing his uprise amongst the best hiking vacations.

The Jordan Trail Association has started creating a thru-hike leading from the north of the country to Aqaba in the South, connecting several highlights of the country..

New Zealand

Hiking is so popular in New Zealand that they have a new word for it: Tramping.

Tramping is what is called in other countries backpacking, hill walking or bush walking.

Trampers carry all their gear for a multi –day hike leading to a cabin or tent camp. And there are plenty of hikes to choose from since their hiking system is quite extensive. Popular options are the Milford Track, the Queen Charlotte Track and the Tongariro Northern Circuit.

Ambitious trampers can set their mind to completing Te Araroa, a trail traversing the whole country..


There are only few destinations that can match the dramatic landscapes Scotland offers.

Hiking from is what you do if you choose Scotland as your next hiking holiday.

It’s one of the most diverse places to hike. Not only are their plenty of options for day hikes, but you can take your backpack and start a journey as well. Wild camping is permitted all over Scotland which makes it a great outdoor experience.

Novice hikers can start with the West Highland Way, leading from Glasgow to Fort William at the base of Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest munro.


Words don’t describe the beauty of Iceland. It’s just one of those destination you have to experience.

Filled with lava fields, volcanoes and wild flowers, the landscape of Iceland is every hiker’s dream.

Trails lead to otherwise unaccessible places but be aware that it’s best to attempt them only in summer season as the roads might be closed down in winter due to heavy snow.

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Best Hiking Holiday Destinations In The World​

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